Tartan Design

Tartan Design

Strathmore Woollen Company has been designing tartans over the years for numerous customers ranging from corporate to family designs, some of which you can reference on our website under the “New Designs” page.

Our charge for the tartan design service is £295.00 plus VAT (where applicable) and is payable upon presentation of our selection of computer generated images.

T7 Quality

W60 Quality

Minimum quantity 60 metres

11/11.5 ozs / yard (350 gms / metre)

Price On Application

Minimum quantity 50 metres

13 ozs /yard (405 gms / metre)

Price On Application

Designs will be based on customer brief; any brief should include an indication of yarn colours and guide to the ratio of the colours in the final tartan design. Design Copyright of the tartan remains the property of the Strathmore Woollen Company at all times but can be open to negotiation with Strathmore.

We can help to record a new tartan on behalf of our customers with the Scottish Register of Tartans. We will not however record a tartan from a computer generated image, only from actual woven fabric with a specified thread count. Please note that recording with the Scottish Register of Tartans does not include formal registration and copyright with the patent office. This can be arranged at additional cost.

Customers should note that due to the weaving process, we cannot guarantee an exact woven length for special weave and must therefore be prepared to accept a slight variation on the final delivered quantity (most likely to be a slight over delivery).

For all enquiries, please contact Jonathan using the Contact Form.